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Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga located at a distance of 60 Kms away from Bangalore is the largest Monolith of Asia at a height of 4220 ft above sea level. Savandurga comprises of two peaks, one is Karigudda or black hill and other is Biligudda or white hill. The kariguda trail is steep and exposed and most of the trekkers prefer Billiguda route when they come for Savandurga Night trek.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trek Distance : 2 Kms

Estimated Time : 2 hrs approx to reach the top


  • State : Karnataka
  • Located at : 60 Kms from Bangalore City
  • Near by town : Magadi(13 Kms)
  • Nearest Railway Station : Ramnagar(RMR)
  • Nearest Airport : Bengaluru International Airport(BLR)

How to Reach :

From Bengaluru there are two ways to reach :

  • By Bus: Take a bus to Magadi road from Majestic Bus will require to take one more bus from here to a Magadi road junction where you need to take a left for Savana durga (12 km from the point), there are private and KSRTC buses to Hospete Gate(you can say Savana Durga here). In case you don’t find a bus, auto can be used for covering these last 12 km.
  • By Bike :

Bangalore – Kengeri-Rajarajeswari Engineering college-Dodda alada mara(Big Banyan tree)-Savandurga

Things to carry along :

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Water and Snacks
  • Energy Food(Chocolate Bars,Flavored milk,Electrolyte drinks)
  • Personal Medication
  • Headwear(Caps,Hats)
  • Light weight cloths
  • Flash Light(if night trek)+extra batteries
  • Raincoat/Poncho
  • Matchbox(to setup campfire)
  • Camera(optional)
  • Tent/Sleeping Bags

Budget : 200 INR approx(Travelled through Bike from Bangalore).

My Memory :

Both night and day treks are preferred for Savandurga trek. Well we choose night trek because it was summer and the hill is completely rocky and there will be intense heat reflections from the rock during day time ( which nearly gave us a sunstroke during Madhugiri Trek 😛 )

We started from Bangalore at around 12:30AM on our bikes and took Magadi road and reached Savandurga village which is at the base of the Savandurga hill by 2:00AM. The night was complete dark and the hill was huge. Just before the trail there is a temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy ans Sri Savandi Veerabhadraswamy Virabhadra.


Savandurga Trek Trail

We parked the bikes near the temple and after refreshing ourselves we started to ascend the hill by 2:15AM. The trail started from lush green are of the foothill . The path was clear and the arrow marks were guiding us to the top ,there were some first timers with us so we took frequent breaks. After reaching half the distance the sky became clear and there were thousands of stars twinkling above us ,there is a small reservoir and a dam which we can see from there.


There are few ruins of fort at some places on the hill. By the time we reached here the hill became a bit steeper (about 60degree) and there were few steps cut in the rock to climb and we had to be very careful while crossing this point. At around 4:00AM  we reached to a place where there’s a fort ruin which is like a room. Also there’s a rock cut Pond for storing water beside this fort ruin which amazed us. We could see the Savandurga peak from there.


It will take around 20 minutes to reach the peak so we thought to put our camp fire here and trek later. Some of our trekkers took a short nap in the fort like structure, some started to eat and some went to bring fire wood. We could only find cactus plants around and we succeeded in setting up the campfire. The campfire lasted for about 45 minutes.


Then we started to the peak again and one has to pass through the rocks to reach the top. We reached the peak by 5:30AM. There’s a small Nandi temple at the peak and the view from the top is breath taking, we can see the birds eye view of the village, reservoir, karriguda and lush green Savandurga forest from here.

way to peak


We could see fog surrounding us and lots of clouds forming beneath us . And what we could not miss was the beautiful sunrise coming all the way up from the clouds. It was a mesmerizing view with sunrise and the clouds formed beneath us. We then started taking pictures of the beautiful sun and the clouds and at around 7:00 AM we started moving down.


As we were moving down we saw many trekkers going up. We reached the base by 8:30AM and after refreshing ourselves we visited the temple which is near the foot of the hill and we started our ride back to Bangalore. There ends our memorable Savandurga Night Trek.

Few Tips:

  • Carry enough water atleast 2 ltrs of water since the last point of getting water is near the Temple premises.
  • Follow the Arrow marks from the beginning of the trek and that will lead you to the top.
  • If you miss your route,try to look out for the electric poles.The trail passes besides electric poles.
  • Do not miss the sunrise, its mesmerizning.
  • Wear good Sports or Hiking shoes since that will provide good grip on the rock.

Explore and Enjoy Trekking

Please share your reviews and experience in the below comment section. Keep visiting the page to plan your next trip!


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