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Makalidurga Night Trek

Makalidurga Night Trek

Makalidurga Hill is located at about 60 kms from Bangalore city.Located at a height of almost 4400 ft, Makalidurga Night trek is preferred as a perfect weekend trekking destination. The trek starts from Makalidurga Railway station and a 2 km railway line trek to reach the base of the hill adds the thrill to the trek.

Difficulty : Moderate

Trek Distance : 4-5 Kms

Estimated Time : 2 hrs approx to reach the top


  • State : Karnataka
  • Located at : 60 Kms from Bangalore City
  • Near by town : Doddaballapura(10 Kms)
  • Nearest Railway Station : Makalidurga
  • Nearest Airport : Bengaluru International Airport(BLR)

How to Reach :

From Bengaluru there are two ways to reach :

  • By Train : Bangalore – Hindupur Passenger

Train timings : Bangalore City Junction(17:45) -> Makalidurga(19:00)

Makalidurga(07:30 Am) -> Bangalore City Junction(09:00)

  • By Road :

Bangalore – Yelahanka – Doddaballapura – Mallathahalli – Makalidurga Railway Station

Things to carry along :

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Water and Snacks
  • Energy Food(Chocolate Bars,Flavored milk,Electrolyte drinks)
  • Personal Medication
  • Headwear(Caps,Hats)
  • Light weight cloths
  • Torch(if night trek)+extra batteries
  • Raincoat/Poncho
  • Matchbox(to setup campfire)
  • Camera(optional)
  • Tent/Sleeping Bags

Budget : 350 INR approx (includes Snacks,breakfast and travel through Train from Bangalore <-> Makalidurga).

Description :

Night Trek is preferred to Makalidurga. It is well connected through train from Bangalore city and the timings of the train exactly helps for a perfect night trek . One can however travel through road and can start the trek from Makalidurga Railway Station.

We started off from Bangalore by boarding the Bangalore-Hindupur passenger at around 5:30 PM and reached Makalidurga railway station around 7:30 PM.


The night was complete dark and few clouds were up above, we had some fear for the rain since we did not carry any raincoats. We started off along the railway tracks and having carried torch lights  helped us to keep a look on the surroundings. It was almost a 2 Km walk until we reached the 54/400 sign, one has to take steep left and move towards the hill from this point. After walking a distance of 100 metres we reached a temple and we took out first break.


By the time we were resting at the temple, it drizzled for about 5 minutes and luckily it stopped after that. We started moving further and once we crossed the temple an open passage with Makalidurga hill onto the right came into sight.One has to take right from the passage towards the hill but unfortunately we could not locate the trail in the dark and we had to follow GPS and we could locate the trek trail from there on. We followed the gps and started climbing towards the hill.

There is a trail route which has arrow marks that leads to the top, Since we were following gps we used to come up seeing the arrow marks in between but again losing the track. We kept on exploring the place and found the way to the top of the hill. Overgrown grass and Plantations were surrounding the root and we had to take the steps wisely.


We reached the top by 11 pm and the wind was high and it was freezing cold and in no time we quickly started exploring the surroundings and collected few firewood to set up the campfire. Campfire lasted for an hour and then we got ready to lay down our backs and get some sleep . It was 00:30 am and the sky was  not visible and  the fog covered the whole place. Luckily we had blankets and we took some light sleep until 5:30am.


We woke up early and took several pictures with the fog surrounding us and were waiting for the sunrise and we got to see walls and gates that were surrounding the Fort premises .Also the center of the hill top has a Shiva temple where pooja is done occasionally by the local villagers .


We had the pleasure to see the beautiful sunrise and the view from the top was adorable. At this point the trek route was visible and we came across huge rocks where there was a view point. You can see a  lake similar in shape to  the map of South American continent in the direction to the west from the top. We had a photography session and started back to Bangalore. There ends our memorable Makalidurga Night Trek.


Few Tips :

  • Carry Salt if you are trekking during monsoons since there are leeches all around the trail routes.
  • Carry tent if you are trekking during winter season since the nights are freezing cold.
  • Do not miss the 54/400 sign during the start of the trek.
  • Carry atleast 2Ltrs of water since the last point of getting water is at Makalidurga Railway station.
  • Do not carry unnecessary items since the extra weight will weaken you as progress up.
  • Best time to visit this place is during October-February.

Explore and Enjoy Trekking

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