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Anthargange Night Trek

Anthargange Night Trek

Located at a distance of 70 Kms from Bangalore, Anthargange in Kolar district consists of Volcanic boulders and rocks. The boulders on one another create a whole network of cave like formation which makes it a perfect place for trekking and cave exploration. Anthargange Night Trek,Cave exploring is being mostly preferred by most of the trekking enthusiasts

Difficulty : Easy

Trek Distance : 4 Kms

Estimated Time : 2 hrs approx to reach the top


  • State : Karnataka
  • Located at : 70 Kms from Bangalore City
  • Near by town : Kolar(4 Kms)
  • Nearest Railway Station : Kolar(KQZ)
  • Nearest Airport : Bengaluru International Airport(BLR)

How to Reach :

From Bengaluru there are two ways to reach :

  • By Train : Bangalore – Kolar Passenger(56525)

Train timings : Bangalore City Junction(18:10) -> Kolar(21:00)

Kolar(07:15 Am) -> Bangalore Cantonment(09:40)

  • By Road :

Bangalore – Old Madras Road – Kolar – Anthargange

Things to carry along :

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Water and Snacks
  • Energy Food(Chocolate Bars,Flavored milk,Electrolyte drinks)
  • Personal Medication
  • Headwear(Caps,Hats)
  • Light weight cloths
  • Flash Light(if night trek)+extra batteries
  • Raincoat/Poncho
  • Matchbox(to setup campfire)
  • Camera(optional)
  • Tent/Sleeping Bags

Budget : 400 INR approx

My Memory :

Our Journey to Anthargange started from Bangalore city on a  Bangalore to Kolar Passenger at aroung 6 PM. We reached Kolar at around 9PM and caught a bus from railway station to Kolar Bus stop which is aroung 4-5 Kms. We had our dinner there and booked two autos to reach the temple premises which is a 3Km distance from the Bus station. Each Auto cost us Rs 100/-.


The trek starts from the entrance to the temple premises, a long series of steps and path lead us to the temple. The trek trail is from behind the temple and we took several breaks in between exploring the place all around. Several paths have been formed by trekkers and it lead us in different directions exploring to and fro.

After an hour of climbing we reached the cave. Once we entered the cave we passed through a dark maze of  rocks,boulders that were placed on one another. we started exploring the cave and after some time we could not find a way out to the other side of the cave and had to return back in the same direction out of the cave.


We continued moving further and at one point of time, we could see several houses on the top of the hill nearby which was like a small village. We stopped at that point and started searching for some firewood to setup the campfire. Our campfire was big since there were dried twigs and bushes lying around.


At that point we saw two to three vehicles that had come up to the top of the hill from the other side where the village was located. There were around 50 trekkers who had come through some organizers and they just went into the caves had a look, went to a restpoint opened their sleeping bags and slept.

However we continued exploring the huge boulders in the middle of the night with fog covering the place all around. With the first light coming out we reached to the top of the boulders and were eagerly waiting for the sunrise. In the meantime our photography session as usual continued.


Unluckily the fog was too high and we missed the sunrise and we started back getting down towards the temple. By the time we reached the temple there  were lots of monkeys playing around. Do not mess with them nor carry any food items in your hand. They almost snatched my DSLR when a cake packet was in my other hand.


By the time we came down it was 8Am and we came back to the busstop and caught a Sarige bus back to Banglore. Anthargange Night Trek and Cave exploring was one of the memorable and a different kind of experience we had as compared to other Treks.


Few Tips :

  • Stay aware of the surroundings during the trek since there might be wild animals moving around.
  • Carry tent/Sleeping bags if you are trekking during winter season since the nights are freezing cold.
  • Stay patient with the monkeys and do not try to play around with them.
  • Carry atleast 2Ltrs of water since the last point of getting water is at the temple.

Explore and Enjoy Trekking

Please share your reviews and experience in the below comment section. Keep visiting the page to plan your next trip!


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